Let’s say you have 50 voters in your election, but only 20 have voted. You know the email you have for them is accurate, so maybe they just forgot to vote. Fortunately we have a way for you to send a reminder to every voter that has yet to vote in your election.

The email will look similar to the email they receive at the start of the election, but with the word REMINDER added to the beginning of the subject.

You can only send reminders if your election meets the following criteria:

  • Your election is running
  • Your election has the setting “Use Voter Emails” enabled
  • You have not already sent a reminder to your voters (you can only send one per an election)
  • Your election has at least one voter with an email address that has not voted.

To send reminders, visit your Voters page on your election dashboard and click the “Actions” button at the top right of the page. A dropdown menu should open up with a link that reads “Send Reminders”. Click that link and follow the instructions on the screen.