Election administrators have the ability to purchase “Add-ons” for an election. Add-ons can be thought of as non-standard products, services, or features that enhance the election administrating and/or voting experience.

Available Add-ons

At this time, the following add-ons are available for elections:

Extra Reminder Emails

By default, election administrators can send up to 2 reminder emails per election. The “Extra Reminder Emails Add-on” allows administrators to purchase additional reminder emails.


The cost of this add-on is $10 per Reminder Email per 2,000 eligible voters.

Pricing Example
Eligible VotersExtra Reminder EmailsPrice EachTotal Price
Additional Notes
  • Extra reminder emails can be added to elections in the “Building”, “Scheduled”, and “Running” states (see: Election States).
  • There is no refund for unused reminder emails.
  • Purchased reminder emails can only be used for the election they are purchased for. They are not transferrable to another election.