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How Voter Fraud Detection Works

When an election is complete administrators will have access to the “Fraud Analysis” page in the election builder. Here you can view a list of the voters that we suspect of being involved...

Voter Audit Report

The voter audit report allows you to view technical details for each voter that voted in your election. It includes the following fields: Voter Name Voter ID IP Address User Agent (browser identifyin...

Can Election Administrators See How a Voter Voted?

By default, election administrators cannot see how a voter voted. The only information the administrator will have about an individual voter is: The status of the voter (if they have or have not vote...

Election Results

Election administrators can see results of an election as soon as voters start to vote. Results are available during the election stages: Running, Completed, and Archived. During the election, results...

Export Election Results as a CSV

At any point during an election you have the ability to export your the results as a CSV file. The file will show each question along with the vote counts for each option. Example: President  ...

Publish and Share Election Results

At the conclusion of your election you have the option to publish and share the results of your election. This allows your voters to view the results of your election from a neutral third-party (Elect...

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