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How to Upgrade an Election

Upgrade Pricing The price for upgrading an existing election From Free to Paid Elections launched within the free voter limit (20) will be subject to the fees posted on

Election Overview Page

The election overview page is the default page that the election administrator will see when accessing an election. This page gives a high level overview/snapshot of the election based on its current...

How to Create an Election

The first step to create an election is to create an account. If you already have an account, visit your account dashboard and click on “+ New Election”. Note that the values provided for...

How to Launch an Election

All elections created on Election Runner will start in the “Building” state (see: Election States) and will not start until the election administrator launches the election by going throug...

How to Modify the Ballot of a Running Election

The ballot of an election that has been launched cannot be modified. This is to protect the integrity of the election and no exceptions will be made. When launching an election, election administrator...

How to Preview an Election

When building an election the election administrator has the ability to preview and vote in the election exactly as a voter would when the election is running. In order to preview an election, the fol...

Introduction to the Election Builder Interface

The election builder interface is where the election administrator will manage all aspects of a given election. Header The election header shows the title and status of the election (1) and the curren...

The Different States of an Election

An election administered with Election Runner goes through 5 different states (we may also refer to the state as an election’s status, stage, or mode): Building Scheduled Running Completed Arch...

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