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Attach Downloadable Files to Ballot Questions

Just like email, you can add attachments to your ballot questions. This allows you to provide voters with additional information/details about the election and what they’re v...

How to Add Voters to a Running Election

Adding voters to an election that is running is the exact same process as adding voters to an election in building mode. You can add them one-by-one or import them through the vote...

Publish and Share Election Results

At the conclusion of your election you have the option to publish and share the results of your election. This allows your voters to view the results of your election from a neutra...

Adding Voters to Your Election

How Voter IDs/Keys Work When you add a voter you have the option of specifying a Voter ID & Voter Key. These two fields can be thought of as a unique username and password that...

Election Runner Pricing

Election Runner offers Pay-Per-Election pricing, and discounted annual subscriptions for K-12 schools, and higher-ed institutions. Pay-Per-Election Pay-per-election pricing is avai...

How to Import Voters Into an Election

Election Runner provides election administrators with the option to import a list of voters from a spreadsheet (CSV file). Import Template The quickest and easiest way to get start...

How to Import the Ballot from a Spreadsheet

If you have a lot of questions/options to add to your ballot, then you may find it easier to import them from a spreadsheet. When importing your ballot, you first start with the qu...

How to Send a Voting Reminder to all Voters

During an election the election administrator can send voting reminders to voters. This can be done individually (see: Re-send Voting Instructions or as a mass email sent out to al...

What is a Voter ID & Voter Key?

Each voter in your election will be assigned a Voter ID and Voter Key. Think of them as a Username (Voter ID) & Password (Voter Key). When voting in your election, your voters...

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