Adding voters to an election that is running is the exact same process as adding voters to an election in building mode. You can add them one-by-one or import them through the voter import process. Though there are a few things to consider…

Voters with Emails

If an email address is provided for the voter(s), then an email will automatically be sent with the voting instructions.

How Much Does it Cost to Add Voters to a Running Election?

The cost to add additional voters to an election that has already started depends on the price range your election launched within (see: for pricing). For example, if you launch an election with 190 voters, you would fall within the 101 to 300 voters price range. This means that you can add 110 more voters to your election after it has launched (300 minus 190) for no additional charge.

For elections with over 1,000 voters…

If your election launches with over 1,000 voters, then you can add 20 voters at no additional charge. If you need to add more than the 20 free voters, then you will be subject to the normal fees on For example, adding 50 voters to an election that launched with 1,000 voters will cost $15 (21 to 100 voters price range).

If you need to add more voters, please contact support for more information.