Upgrade Pricing

The price for upgrading an existing election

From Free to Paid

Elections launched within the free voter limit (20) will be subject to the fees posted on https://electionrunner.com/pricing.

Elections with Less than 1,000 Eligible Voters

Elections with less than 1,000

Elections with Over 1,000 Eligible Voters

Elections with over 1,000 eligible voters can be upgraded in blocks of 200 voters for $18 each. For example, given an election with 1,100 eligible voters, it would cost $18 to increase the voter limit by 200 for a total of 1,300 eligible voters. If the election needs an additional 350 voters, the price would be $36 ($18 x 2) for 400 additional voters resulting in a new voter limit of 1,500.

Example Scenario

Additional Notes

  • Elections can only be upgraded if they are in the “Scheduled” or “Running” state.