When an election is complete administrators will have access to the “Fraud Analysis” page in the election builder. Here you can view a list of the voters that we suspect of being involved in voter fraud. You have the option to discard suspicious ballots that were detected by our fraud analysis algorithm. This report is available up to 30 days after the close of the election.

How Voter Fraud is Detected

Voter fraud is detected by using what we call a “device fingerprint”. When a voter casts their ballot we capture a fingerprint that is unique to their device/browser. Our fraud detection algorithm factors in this fingerprint when looking at your election’s ballots, and groups them by matching fingerprints.

False Positives

It’s possible that the fraud analysis report includes false-positives. For example, if your election had “polling stations” (computers) that many voters used to vote, then those ballots would likely be grouped together as potential voter fraud. Another common scenario is where voters from the same family use the same device to vote.

The fraud analysis is there to provide you with the information necessary to determine if votes are actually fraudulent. It’s up to you to determine if the ballots should be discarded or not.

How to Discard Suspected Ballots

If you determine that the ballots suspected of voter fraud are legitimate, then you have the option to discard those ballots. Simply click the red “Discard Ballots” button on the group of suspected voters.

  1. Click on “Fraud Analysis” on the election sidebar.
  2. Inspect the suspected group of cheaters. If you determine that this group of suspected cheaters was likely to have cheated, then you can discard their ballots by clicking on “Discard Ballots”

Additional Notes

  • Ballots can only be discarded through the Fraud Analysis report when the election is in the “Completed” state
  • Ballots cannot be discarded if the results of the election have been published
  • Discarded ballots cannot be recovered.
  • Ballots can only be discarded within 30 days of the election closing