As soon an election starts, voters with a valid email address will be sent an email that includes their voting instructions (see: Email Templates ). Because Election Runner relies on the accuracy of the data that the election administrator provides, sometimes this results in emails failing to deliver. If Election Runner receives an error from the voter’s email server, then a notification will be dispatched to the election administrator’s account (see: Account Notifications).

Types of Failures

There are many different reasons an email can fail to deliver. This can most commonly be attributed to an incorrect email address (a “Hard Bounce”), in which case a notification will be immediately dispatched to the election administrator’s account.

Occasionally an email could temporarily fail to deliver due to issues connecting with the voter’s email server (a “Soft Bounce”). In this case, Election Runner’s email provider will attempt to redeliver the email and after several unsuccessful attempts will quit retrying. At that point, a notification will be dispatched to the election administrator’s account.

How to Resolve Email Failures

The first step to resolve failed email deliveries is to verify the accuracy of the voter’s email address. If the voter’s email address needs to be updated, it can be done by editing the voter’s email address (see: How to Edit a Voter) and then re-sending the voting instructions (see: How to Re-send Voting Instructions to a Voter).

If the emails continue to fail, and the accuracy of the email address is confirmed, please contact support to get detailed information regarding the failure(s). Please provide the voter’s Voter ID and email address in question.

Additional Notes

  • Voters can only be re-sent their voting instructions once after the initial voting instructions have been sent. If additional emails need to be sent to a single voter, then the election administrator will need to delete the voter (see: How to Delete a Voter) and add them again with the correct information (see: How to Add a Voter).